Notre Dame de Paris: back to the drawing board


It is now nearly a month since I last did any painting, and I have missed it. Either because of festivities or through illness, I have not been able to get to my easel. Even last week, I had a relapse and have been given a second course of antibiotics which I have to say, have made me feel much better.

The next item on my to-do list, was to rework the painting that I did last year of Notre Dame de Paris in the Rain, except leave out the rain and inject some sunshine. I showed this painting a couple of times last year, without any interest being shown. Although to paint a scene in rain is skilled in its way, nevertheless the subject matter in itself is quite depressing . The colours become muted and everything looks dark. Would you want to buy a painting that lowered your mood? Probably not, so I am going to try to paint the same subject on a bright day, with colours more vibrant. Still could be autumn or winter time, but one of those bright days with long shadows.

What I have done more or less immediately, is to remove that unsightly marquee from the left of the picture. You may remember it, or you can scroll back in the gallery and find the original. I managed to find on the net, the buildings to the left of the cathedral, distant apartments and shops possibly, and these have been substituted

I have also rearranged the figures in front of the cathedral. By removing some, I have taken out the queue that was filing towards the entrance to get in. Looking back on this, it seemed quite mournful, like figures queuing for the dole. I have given the crowd, I hope, a more random look, so that hopefully they do now look like tourists, and consequently looking more interesting.

To the right of the cathedral, and out of sight, is the wonderful statue of Charlemagne. I considered moving it into the picture, but decided not too. Too much of a statement, which would have competed for attention with the cathedral itself

So, a start has been made which is always the hard part. I’ll get on with some painting and come back when I have something more to say

4 thoughts on “Notre Dame de Paris: back to the drawing board

  1. Finally Monsieur the painting I was eagerly waiting for… Notre Dame! Remember that question I had asked you about the little building on it’s right, that one obscured by trees? It turned out you were right and it is the Bishop’s palace, only this one is small because the old large quarters were on the East side of the church, where the flying buttresses are. But during renovation, Hotel Dieu and this quarter was removed to give Notre Dame more space. I found this on an old map of Paris.

    Anyways, I hope you become successful with this sunny one. If you need assistance, which is very unlikely, you know where to find me.

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    • Having access to an old map is very useful, Farzana. As far as the buildings on the right are concerned, I have flipped through images on the internet, and found no more detail, as whatever might be there disappears behind trees. As far as the painting goes, that in itself is not a problem
      Also go a bit further to the right, and you have the Charlemagne statue, which is an enormous edifice and blocks out everything. I have discounted that for reasons mentioned
      I have just given the picture a base coat, and will need to give that 24 hours to harden.
      We shall see


  2. Happy New Year David – look forward to seeing how this develops! I have some photos of the square in front of Notre Dame (with Notre Dame just in shot) that I’ve been intending to work something up for some time but I haven’t quite resolved in my mind how best to tackle it!

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    • Thanks John and happy new year to you. I was unhappy with certain aspects of the first painting, although wet surfaces worked ok but the net result was a rather gloomy painting, rather like today’s weather. Shouldn’t really just paint to sell, I suppose but exhibiting and sales are part of the whole.
      I hope I know where this one is going, but as so often, results surprise, i will hold my counsel for now.
      Thanks for your comment

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