Arundel Castle in Sussex

A view of a mistry Arundel castle across the River Arun

Probably one of the best-known castles along the south coast, Arundel castle is ancient but largely restored in the c19.

Arundel is the seat of the Norfolks, who would have moved here from Framlingham during the c16. A family with close association with the monarchy, their fortunes rose and fell throughout history.

In 1485, at the battle of Bosworth, they were on the losing side, and lost the Norfolk title. They reverted to the earldom of Surrey.

In 1513, they regained their title of Dukes of Norfolk, after defeating a Scottish Army at Flodden Field in Northumberland. The Scots had invaded England after Henry VIII had invaded France. Catherine of Aragon had despatched the Earl of Surrey northwards to meet the Scottish Threat. After an ingenious manoeuvre whereby the English worked their way round the Scottish position during the night, they approached the Scottish Army from the north, whilst the Scots were entrenched facing south

The result was a massive slaughter of the Scottish nobility including the king James IV, whose body was taken to London and put on show. Scottish losses were about 30,000

The Earl of Surrey was restored to his old title of Duke of Norfolk.

The Norfolks were and still are the leading Catholic family in the land. Their fortunes changed with the religious struggles in the 16c

Today they are often in charge of large events like coronations, and doubtless will be this year too

Two Camargue Stallions

Firstly I am indebted to Wendy Hodgkins Corniquet for her excellent reference photograph

I find it hard to resist Camargue horses and when I saw this picture, I felt that it would work well as a painting

The only thing I changed was the background. The photograph had a background more like a sunset, which I have changed to something plainer. I felt that concentrated more on the horses.

Camargue horses as you know, run wild in the wetlands in the Rhone estuary. They are always white, which adds to their impact as a herd, especially galloping through water.

I have painted them many times, as featured on my web site