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David Harmer

I am David Harmer, and I am a watercolour artist. I live in the UK, in the county of Surrey, in one of the Woking villages. I have been painting in watercolour now for twenty years or so, and still learning. Watercolour is a temperamental mistress. Just when you think you have mastered the media, then something happens to remind you that there are still things to learn. On the plus side there is nothing to rival the freshness and immediacy of watercolour. My favourite subjects are waterscapes, purely because nothing illustrates water better than watercolour. Transparency, sparkle, reflections– they are all there

I have a website which gives a fair coverage of the spread of work that I do. The website is set out as a showcase rather than a shop, so includes paintings already sold but nevertheless contains images I still like to show people. I paint with Woking Society of Arts and the Pirbright Art Club, and I am a full exhibiting member of both. As well as showing with societies, I also arrange my own solo exhibitions in the Guildford and Woking area, maybe two or three times a year. As exhibitions come up, I will feature the dates in my blog as it gets underway

Not just my own painting will be featured. My wife and I attend exhibitions locally and further afield. I shall hopefully have something interesting to say about them as time goes by. I am also something of a history freak, or so I am told. Very often, I combine art with history as we look at some of the less well known old buildings in the area. They are usually an inspiration for a painting. I am a volunteer town guide in Guildford, which I have done for some years now, so I have grown very fond of the old buildings in the town especially in the historic High Street. This street I have painted many times

This profile is the first piece I have written, obviously just to introduce myself. I intend to write something each month and am told to keep to roughly the same end of the month so that people know when to look. And if you do, thank you, and I hope you find something interesting

RSCH 2017

My exhibition at the Royal Surrey Hospital in July 2017

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