Bosham Harbour: the painting started


Some while ago now I finished the drawing of Bosham Harbour and Church, and I posted that. I left it, as I completely messed up the initial wash. It wasn’t something I could correct, so I abandoned the whole thing. Very,very rarely do I do that, but sometimes it is the only way.

I find in situations like that, that walking way is the best thing to do.  Walk round the block, metaphorically speaking and then come back, otherwise you just get more and more frustrated, and make more and more mistakes

My way of walking round the block, was to do the Conkers painting. Completely different and completely unimportant, I was able to unwind and get myself back into finding the colour recipe for conkers which was in my head somewhere. After all that, my little bit of therapy produced a quite usable painting, and I framed it not so long ago, and was pleased with the result. This will go towards my next exhibition which will be in the Guildford Institute in March, not that far away now, so I need to work.

Back to Bosham Harbour, after redrawing the village with sailing boats, I put in a different wash, and played safe. I have no time to experiment. Phthalo blue and Cobalt produce a nice sky/sea colour and across the horizon a band of sunset produced with permanent Rose and Cadmium Orange. I started the blue wash downwards whilst at the same time starting the sunset colour at horizon level and worked upwards so the two met, and blended comfortably. Tricky using two brushes and two palettes at the same time, but it seemed to work

As you can see, I have just been detailing the church and other buildings in various reds and browns. I needed to get those roof tops really bright, and after several different glazes used cadmium red to give them some zing, so that they looked as though bright red evening sun was bouncing off them.

Still a lot of work to do, on reflections and those boats, but that is to come

4 thoughts on “Bosham Harbour: the painting started

  1. Ironically Monsieur, it’s not the painting that drew my attention but what you said about leaving an unsuccessful mission for a while, taking a break and coming back for it again. I am still a learner and I liked your choice of words for that paragraph; elegant and very ‘English’.

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      • On another note Monsieur, I feel interested to learn how an exhibition is conducted, from the point of view of an artist. You have plenty of experience on this. I have never been to one. In an art exhibition of one artist, does the painter always remain present there? Also, can it be that the exhibition can be for display purpose, not for selling?
        Thanks again.

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  2. It can vary so much. Sometimes you have to man the exhibition yourself, but I always go with an organisation that does everything for you, in return for commission. Once I hang the pictures I don’t go there again until the end of the show. The organisers contact me about sales or enquiries
    I couldn’t imagine an exhibition that wasn’t set out to sell. There are too many costs

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