Erquy in Brittany: the Finished Painting

Erquy in Brittany

The painting is now finished, in that I have started to fiddle, which is a good time to stop

Getting the sand/mud to look waterlogged has been a problem, and I have settled for what I’ve got, rather than end up with a surface which looks dark and unconvincing. I did mask out some tyre tracks which had filled with water, and then touched them in afterwards. They seemed to work well enough.

I have taken the mask off the lighthouse, and painted that in, with its red domed top, that attracts the eye. Two tricolor flags on the boats give another opportunity for small dabs of red too. I tend to use vermilion now rather than cadmium red, which seems to work.

Some of the figures and dinghies have bled into the wet, which I have allowed, as I think that gives a hint of reflection.

I think I have taken it as far as I dare without spoiling, so will leave it now as complete.

I have a new commission arrived, a house portrait, which is highly convenient so will start on that soon

7 thoughts on “Erquy in Brittany: the Finished Painting

  1. Trying to catch up with what I had missed, and this post triggered my medical mind. LOL. First I thought it was Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis which has almost similar history (vomiting, lump, boys are 4-6 times more affected than girls), however your baby son was 18 monthes old and that’s a bit too late for Pyloric Stenosis, which occurs at around 4-6 months.

    Later it was revealed it was Incarcerated Inguinal Hernia.

    All that aside, it was a very enjoyable post; you had me on the edge of my seat, you could write thriller novels and they’ll sell like hot cakes.

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    • Thanks Farzana it was a roller coaster sort of holiday. Such is the resilience of youth that I was surprisingly calm through the whole experience. Today I would be a nervous wreck trying to deal with it
      Many years later, as a married man, my son had another hernia which gave him a lot of trouble. neither my wife nor I could remember which side the early one had been on, so don’t know whether there was a connection. Hopefully no more

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      • There’s no connection at all. Inguinal canal is oblique in adults and straight in infants, which makes them more prone to hernia. As they grow up, the canal becomes more oblique, which naturally protects against hernia.

        What I laughed most was the night cap thing, I could imagine it in my mind’s eye.


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