Wild Horses in the Camargue: Continued


I have started back on the Camargue Horses painting. Bit of a mess at the moment. This is the point where it is easy to lose heart and abandon the whole the thing. However I have always told myself to finish the painting. come what may, and so that is what I shall do.

So far I have masked the edges of manes and tails, as I would like them to appear white and flowing against the dark background. I have gradually built up the dark background using violet and transparent brown, sometimes mixed and sometimes alternately

Soon I shall have to take the masking off, and tidy up those rough edges where I have overlapped with paint, despite all my best efforts. The forms of the white horses will need to be built up carefully, light against the dark and dark against the light

I am hoping too that the light strip around the horses’ legs will look like dust thrown up by the hooves. Hoping is the word. That needs to look convincing.

I received another commission this morning, which is good. It means that I need to clear my easel soon, as there is a deadline. Still, what one might call a happy problem!

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