Ponte Vecchio, Florence the finished painting

Ponte Vecchio Sunset

I was duty bound to publish the finished painting having started, but this is not one that I take pleasure in. This is me on an off day

I am at odds with the composition to start with. The grass bank which is there in the photograph, I do wish now I had left out. I was worried about introducing another colour, and the green has not worked well at all. Some parts are not too bad. The deep red of the building on the right with the evening shadow, I quite like, but the rest is disappointing. Everything is laboured where I have tried to rectify mistakes instead of starting again

I think in time I might try this picture again in another colourway, still with long shadows but omitting the grass bank, so that I can keep to a two colour palette which should prove more palatable, no pun intended. Not sure what I will put in the place of the grass yet. Perhaps bring the building down to the water with a quayside which offers more interest. I will have to see

For now, playing around with a cat picture, which is unusual for me. I think I will only publish this one if I like it

Read a very interesting article in one of the art magazines, about knowing when to stop, or in other words , less is more. Also this artist did the drawing in ink which I haven’t done in a long while, and which I would like to try again. That could be refreshing. I am starting to repeat myself which is bad

A Street in Florence

On the subject of Florence, this is one that I did a few years ago and gave to a friend. This is more me, and another project is to do a second version for my gallery. I needed to look at this again to restore my faith

3 thoughts on “Ponte Vecchio, Florence the finished painting

  1. The street in Florence is a joy to behold. The Ponte Veccio – yes, the green is fighting with the rest of the painting and drawing the eye away from the bridge and the sunset. Is it possible to put a wash (bluish mauve maybe) on it to flatten out that color? Sorry, I don’t know what is possible with watercolours? Ignore me if that’s a daft suggestion.

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    • Thank you Emma, no not a daft suggestion at all. A glaze of that colour would help, but for now I have put this painting away, perhaps to come out at a later date. I am generally dissatisfied with the composition and will do this painting again in a different colourway totally and see what happens
      Thanks for taking the trouble to write
      I came across a piece on your website about selling your 600th painting, and sent congratulations, only to see afterwards that the piece was a year old. Sorry about that. Congratulations still stand of course. Amazing achievement.

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