The Original before cutting down

The Original Sea Gazers

The comment was made, quite fairly, that I didn’t include the original painting, before it was reduced.

This is it. As I said, I felt the eye ran off the page to the right, and was possibly rather boring anyway. By removing the right hand side, I effectively made more of a central group with the figures and the distant headland.

I found the breakers rather strange here, as they rolled in, roughly the same size each time, so rather monotonous, really

Please feel free to comment, should you want to. Your opinions are important to me

2 thoughts on “The Original before cutting down

  1. Thank you, the original certainly has its merits but I can understand your reasons for wanting to crop it. I looked at both and really couldn’t decide if one was better than the other, they were just different pictures with a different energy.

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    • Thanks for the comment Emma. There was no interest in the original whatsoever over quite a few years, so I don’t think I am worse off. Too late now, if I have made a mistake, ha ha I shall have to live with it.
      I think I mentioned once that I found your article on marketing very useful. I noticed that you use Art Gallery as well as Artfinder, so I joined them, and am pleased that I did. I found their service more personal and less digital, and they work hard to convert sales. Last week they sold three of my paintings and I haven’t been with them long. So, a modest triumph which is nice occasionally. Thanks for that.


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