Istanbul,Djakarta and Ouagadougou

Following quickly on from the atrocity in Istanbul, we have further outrages and slaughter in Djakarta and Ouagadougou. Distant places but they affect us all.

These killings are not sanctioned by the Quran or the Prophet. This is the work of a fundamentalist clique who have warped Islamic teaching because of their paranoia. These people are psychopaths. They are hollow. They are motivated by social compliance

They have to be resisted by everyone globally, not just physically. That has to be left to governments. The ideology has to be challenged at every turn, because it is wrong and is not Islam, I am reliably informed

Our sympathies again to all who have suffered from this recent spate of bombings

As a postscript, the painting of the Bosphorus waterfront is still “work in progress” but is taking shape. So far so good

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