Istanbul, Bosphorus: finished preparatory sketch

I said that I would publish the finished preparatory sketch, which will be my tonal guide for the painting stage. That doesn’t mean that I won’t change things as I go along. Not thrilled with the way that boat in the bottom right has turned out, which seems to be lost amongst a clump of trees. Still, that is the benefit of the tonal sketch on cartridge paper, which means that you can make and correct your mistakes, without damaging the surface of the watercolour paper.

Galata Tower finished tonal sketch

Now comes the laborious task of moving the sketch across to the sheet of watercolour paper, which will not make for very interesting reading, so the next post, I think, will deal with starting the painting.

Choice of colours will be interesting. There seem to be plenty of reds and greens which is nice. Definitely my old favourite of raw sienna mixed with Naples yellow across the buildings for some reflected sunshine, and brown shadows to heighten the bright bits

If I get this right, could be a nice painting. We will see

3 thoughts on “Istanbul, Bosphorus: finished preparatory sketch

    • I will trace the important parts and transfer the main guidelines onto watercolour paper. The detail I will still fill in freehand but I know where to put everything now. Incidentally I only ever trace my own drawings. Interesting that you have a light box. I can imagine that must be useful. I used a grid to make this drawing from the original photograph, as you may have noticed


      • I often work off one of my photographs and print it on to a thin piece of paper,pencil the main points in dark and use the light box to trace these points on to my watercolor paper.


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