Corfu: Shopping Lanes in Kerkyra,continued

From where we finished on the last post, I used Indian Red to paint the dome on the bell tower. The blue sky dropped back, as I had hoped it would. Indian Red is a good hot weather colour, and I echoed its use on things down the lane, like awnings and shop blinds. On the left-hand side is a shop selling garments, and I used some dabs of red to denote red dresses hanging on display.

I finished the detailing on the bell tower so as to give me something sharp to focus on, when working out the detail on other parts of the painting.

I used my favourite warm weather shadow, ultramarine violet mixed with Sennelier Transparent Brown, and put in the shadow on the buildings

I left this to dry overnight, and this is what it looked like the next day

almost there

It was starting to look the part. I drew the figures in again with the brush, as I was starting to lose them

I still wanted some deep darks further down the lane, where the light didn’t reach. I still wanted to try Alvaro Castagnet’s mix of Brown Madder, Cobalt Brown and Raw Umber. I mixed up the first two, and then added Transparent Brown instead, which certainly produced a very dark shadow colour, with which I started to work

Corfu  Shopping Lanes in Kerkyra

This is the painting virtually complete. The dark mix has been used on the deep shadow areas. The figures have been finished, although the foreground figure looks a bit ghostly, and will need some colour after all. Some white gouache has been used to give the allusion of white paintwork on the balconies.

Was I successful in producing something in the style of Alvaro Castagnet? No, absolutely not, but nonetheless I have enjoyed working on this painting, and like the result

Possible framed version

This is what it could look like framed. Some extra colour went into the figures, otherwise the painting is finished

I hope you found this helpful, and by the same token, if you have suggestions for me, I am always pleased to hear


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