River Wey at Guildford

River Wey

River Wey

This is one of my favourite  local waterscapes, where the River Wey runs through Guildford. I painted it last year and sold it very quickly in one of my solo exhibitions

The reflections were amusing to do, and added to the depth of the composition.  As well as my usual restricted pallette, I also added indigo for the very deep blues. The trunks of the silver birch trees were scratched out when the painting was dry

The river was made into the Wey Navigation during the middle of the 17c by cutting canals to by-pass parts of the river that were unsuitable for commercial traffic. Guildford was linked with the Thames. In 1764 Guildford was linked to Godalming  in the same way. The ford that gave Guildford its name was dredged out

The Navigation is still in use today for leisure and equally paintable, whether river or canal

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