Painting again as means to recovery — finished painting of Bosham Church viewed from the sailing club

Bosham Church from the sailing club

It is now some time since I have posted anything, and it is good to be back. It is also extremely good to be painting again. My life for the past ten weeks, has centred round hospital visits and more recently consultations with the physiotherapist. Today I was discharged from hospital so trying to get back to normal after my accident

I started this painting about two weeks ago. It was to replace a gap in my range. I sold two Bosham paintings at my last exhibition in June, which was held in the gallery at Denbies Wine Estate near Dorking. I had a telephone call from a gentleman asking if by chance I had a painting available of Bosham which he wanted as a gift for a friend.. How fortunate. He was prepared to wait and is collecting the finished item tomorrow, so that is good

I have used sunset colours which always work with any subject involving water. The deep reflections are perfect for this size of painting. There are just four colours in the picture, red and cobalt blue, violet and transparent brown

There are more finished paintings to come. Roman Sunrise, which is a splendid early morning view of St Peter’s Basilica, and also the Bridges of Prague, which I am just finishing

Two exhibitions in December coming up so will need plenty. Fingers crossed that strict Covid restrictions aren’t reintroduced of course as they were last year at the last minute. Our infection rate is rising worryingly, with the government trying to avoid taking any action. It is as though they are taking some desperate gamble that herd immunity will kick in which will save them putting any curbs on the economy

Anyway sorry about my long absence. Hopefully I can get back into the swing again.

2 thoughts on “Painting again as means to recovery — finished painting of Bosham Church viewed from the sailing club

  1. What a shame that I didn’t receive any notification email in my inbox. Would have commented earlier.

    The new painting looks absolutely splendid, especially the church building looks and ‘feels’ so time stained, it kind of invokes an never before felt nostalgia. The boats looks fine. The vertical lines are so straight, feels like they were drawn with astronomical precision.

    Glad to hear about the new client.

    Looking forward to your Prague bridges painting. Hopefully it’s THE Charles Bridge, which I had sent you an image in 2019 (feels like it is ages ago).

    Glad to see you back.

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    • Thank you Farzana
      The Bridges of Prague is next up. The Charles bridge is one of them but a distant view. I must look out that image you sent me. Charles bridge is very beautiful. I remember walking across it a long time ago
      I’m glad you liked the Bosham picture. A lovely village which exists in a time warp
      Thanks for all your comments

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