Boats on the Beach at Beer in Devon

Boats on the Beach at Beer

I went to Beer some years ago when staying with friends. The fishermen there pull their boats up onto the beach, and arrange them in a row. I’m not sure whether deliberate or coincidental, but the result is very colourful, and for years photographers and painters alike come here to record them

I have painted them before but from a different angle, and I don’t have a photographic reference for this painting, so I have had to imagine the perspective. I have always found it difficult to get the colour right for a brightly coloured painted finish cast in shadow. I generally put shadow in first, so a coat of blue or violet left to dry, and then the local colour glazed over, usually works. It doesn’t work with these strong colours, so I have had to experiment with different blues and reds to get the result. It took a long time and even now I am looking back and wondering

The result is sunny and bright, however, in these worrying times. I have simplified a lot of the detail, so would class this painting as more impressionistic than realistic. I find it cheerful to look at, so hope others do too

3 thoughts on “Boats on the Beach at Beer in Devon

  1. A charming painting – I love painting boats too. I found that watercolour shadows were a different kettle of fish from oil colours, I ended up using neutral tones rather than blues or purples. The business of reflections is a another matter all together.

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    • Thanks Emma, just these bright colours that throw me as they aren’t transparent possibly. Anyway I’ve gone as far as I dare with it
      Just been told that Guildford Art Association are running their autumn exhibition next month which is a welcome surprise. Nice to sell on line but have missed the buzz of local exhibitions this year

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