Finished Painting entitled Christmas Shopping:Guildford High Street

Signed revised Christmas Shopping Guildford High Street

Christmas Shopping: Guildford High Street

The historic High Street of Guildford is always a joy to paint. This street is actually Saxon in origin, although nothing that early remains above ground. The plan of the street though goes back that far, and the dimensions of the actual plots are still the same

There are still buildings from the c13. The iconic clock which I have mentioned before is dated 1683, when the facade of the old Guildhall was restored. A relative newcomer, the classical arch in the centre was built in 1819, and was the last corn market in the town. Known as the Tunsgate Arch this was built on the site of the old Tun Inn, one of the many coaching inns in the town. The Tun Inn went bankrupt and was demolished in 1818. The columns used to be equidistant until the middle two were moved to accommodate motor traffic in the 1930’s. In the 1990’s the arch was closed to motor traffic, and paved over. To celebrate the twinning of Guildford with Freiburg in Germany at the time, the coats of arms of both towns were let into the floor in mosaic.

This painting was commissioned by a charity called Cards for Good Causes, and I am pleased to say has been approved, and will go forward for reproduction as a Christmas card.  They will be on sale in pop-up shops in every town in the UK from 18th October onwards.  Details on their web site. The proceeds are distributed amongst 25 well-known charities and should you wish to support, thank you.

An extremely detailed painting which has taken me some time to complete, but enjoyable nonetheless. The framed original will also go on sale in support of the above


9 thoughts on “Finished Painting entitled Christmas Shopping:Guildford High Street

    • Hallo Pam
      Thanks for your enquiry
      I painted this for Cards for Good Causes last year, and they sold the whole print run of 2000 cards, I am relieved to say
      I don’t know if they did a reprint for this Christmas. No one has told me and I think they would have done
      However, I have emailed Marian Coom the district organiser for this charity just to check, and I will let you know what she says
      Thanks again for your interest
      David harmer


      • They did do a reprint, just a pity they didn’t tell me. They are on sale in St.Nicholas Church at the bottom of Guildford High Street. Difficult if you don’t live in Guildford unless you know someone who could buy them on your behalf
        They are £4 for a pack of ten, so very reasonable


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